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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Today's new books

I have learned that we can legally put book cover images from our catalog on our website to promote the things we have.  How great is that?  I'd rather look at book covers than book titles any day.

So I'm going to try to put a few on here to brighten up our blog and make it more interesting, and maybe you'll discover a book you want to check out.  I won't be able to put images of all of our new books up (too time-consuming for now), and so far I haven't gotten them to display the way I want (the limited functionality of a blog vs. a real website).  But here's my new experiment.

If you click on the titles below the covers, it should bring you to the catalog, where you could find out if they're in or you could request them.


Broken Harbor

Black List

Judgment Call