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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Raechel Speaks

By Jan Pease

From time to time Raechel, a delightful young friend who is only seventeen, quietly hands me reviews of books. Usually the books are new to me, and I always promise Raechel that I’ll include her reviews in an article.  So thanks, Raechel, for helping on this column.

Raechel read Kisses from Katie, by Katie Davis. 

Here are Raechel’s thoughts:
“Kisses from Katie is an amazing book; it challenges and encourages me each time I read it.  In her book, Katie Davis shared about her growing experiences in Uganda, Africa, where she is following God’s leading for her life.  She is a young woman who left the comforts of her American life-style to live in Uganda, where poverty and sickness abound, to share the love of Christ with the people there.  She has 13 adopted girls, and is the founder and director of her ministry in Uganda, called “Amazima.”

"I believe so many could benefit from reading Katie’s story; she shares so many ways God has turned a disastrous situation into a miracle from Him.  She helps us to recognize that God can shine brighter than ever, even in the darkest times, when we just come to Him, and I personally find it so uplifting.   We are so blessed, and this book is a good reminder of that and how absolutely magnificent our God is.  He can do amazing things through us, if we just allow Him, and Katie, I believe, is allowing Him to do many things through her.  This book truly is an awe-some read." (Raechel’s hyphenation.) She rates  it five stars.

 Raechel also read North and South, by Elizabeth Gaskell.   Her review:
“This is a classic I have been meaning to read for a while, having seen the BBC 2004 movie of it many times and loving it.  I was not disappointed with the book at all; it was excellent and matched my love of the movie, being pretty close in accuracy, too.  The movie adaptation was very well done, and allowed you to know the characters well, but the book really made you understand and love them even more.
Although the main character’s father, Mr. Hale, was a parson, the movie sadly left out many of the religious points that the book covered.  I was very pleased that the book did include such vital parts of faith and their belief in God, showing the reality that the Lord was, and is, in our daily lives.

The book ending was a little different than the movie, but it was still excellent.  The movie, and now the book,  are  great favorites of mine, and for the review of the book I definitely give it five stars.” 

It’s always nice to receive book reviews from readers. I’ll have forms available for reviewers this summer, so read a book and tell us what you think.  See you at the library!