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Friday, July 25, 2014

Your Imagination is Hungry: Feed It!

 By Jan Pease

 Have you ever wondered if animals get to use libraries?  Kazuno Kohara tells us the answer in her book, The Midnight Library.   She begins her story, “Once there was a library that opened only at night.”  I love this book!  Like the little librarian, we try to help every one find the perfect book.  Like her library, our library is a peaceful and quiet place.  But we have never had the problem of a tortoise, who reads very slowly, wanting to finish his book with 500 pages to go at closing time.  The little librarian’s solution: get a library card and read it at home. 

Norman, Speak! tells the story of a sweet little dog adopted from the pound who comes home with his new family, does a happy dance, but doesn’t respond to any commands. Not one.  One day in the dog park his family makes an amazing discovery that changes their lives. Norman is actually a very smart dog who only understands Chinese.  Caroline Adderson has written this delightful book about a very special family.  After all, would you take Chinese lessons so you could talk to your dog?

With school looming, kids always wonder who their teacher will be and if he or she is a monster.  Peter Brown’s new book, My Teacher is a Monster, is the story of Bobby, whose teacher really is a monster. She is a real monster, with sharp teeth and green scaly skin.   Peter Brown says, “So maybe I can be a monster sometimes. Nobody’s perfect!”   

Cathleen Daly has written a sweet book about a family in transition, Emily’s Blue Period.  Emily wants to be an artist, and she loves Pablo Picasso.  So when she is sad because her dad doesn’t live at home anymore, she announces, “When Picasso was very sad he only painted in shades of blue.  And now I am in my blue period.”   Her sadness lasts a long time and it isn’t just Emily.  Her brother Jack is acting out too.  I like this honest look at a family that is no longer living together, but is still a family together. 
The Monkey Goes Bananas, by C.P. Bloom, was illustrated by Peter Raymundo. This is a true picture book.  Each page has one or two words, and the entire story is told by the pictures.  C.P. Bloom is the creative team of Carly Dempsey, Ed Bloom and illustrator Peter Raymund.  Peter Raymund works as an animator and story board artist.   I think this book will provide some interesting interaction when I use it at story time.

Finally, Steampunk  A B C, by Lisa Falkenstern,  is a feast for the eyes and the imagination.  I don’t know if there is a three year old audience for an alphabet book introducing them to steampunk, but here is the book to do it.  Professor Whiskerton, an amiable mouse dressed in Victorian clothes,  presents this gorgeous collection of items from anvil to zeppelin.  

These great books and many, many more are waiting for you at the Litchfield library – see you there!