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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Ooh Aah A B C!

 By Jan Pease

If I say the words, “concept books” or “phonics,” what is your response?  “Booooooring?    

“I say Ooh You say AAH!”  is an unusual book written by John Kane.  This book may seem to have too many allusions to underwear and bodily functions as the reader helps Donkey search for his pants,  but if you consider the intended audience, it will seem about right.  It’s a fun, highly interactive book that will tickle your funny bone, I promise.   

Another fun book is “I Spy ABC: Totally Crazy Letters,” by Ruth Prenting, a search and find book with a twist.  The hidden pictures fill giant letters.  Each letter has a short verse that tells what to find.  I wish Ms Prenting had taken it a step farther by having the objects relate more to each letter.

Some people love phonics, some people don’t love phonics.  I happen to think that phonics are a huge part of beginning to read.  I added a group of familiar fairy tales to the collection this spring, with an unusual twist.   The twist is that these books emphasize phonics.  Titles include "Cinderella," Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Goldilocks, Little Red Riding Hood, and The Three Little Pigs. All were edited by Susan Purcell.

I also purchased a series called “Rhyming Word Families” that looks like fun.  Titles include books like “The Blob on Bob” and  “Kit’s Banana Split.”  This series was written by Marv Alinas and published by Child’s World Inc.  It’s beginning to look like I really, really love phonics.  I do.

Jan Thomas answers the question, “What starts with F and makes Sheep happy?” in the book, “My Friends Make Me Happy.”  The cover features a very silly looking sheep, and gives the answer before you even start reading.  Sometimes you just need a funny picture book to share.

I just had to add Deborah Diesen’s new book, “Pippa  &  Percival, Pancake &  Poppy: Four Peppy Puppies” just because the names of the pups are so cute.  This is a sweet story that little dog lovers will enjoy.

Kane Miller Publishing has some interesting titles out right now.  One that we just added is “Lemur Dreamer,” by Courtney Dicmas.  This is the first sleep-walking lemur I’ve ever read about.  It reminds me of “Goodnight, Mr. Clutterbuck,” by Mauri Kunnas, which is about a sleep-walking goat.  Both are very funny.

Concept books used to seem boring, but these are some effervescent titles that bring concept books to a new level.  See you at the library!