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Friday, August 3, 2018

Inspiration for For Future Scientists

By Jan Pease

I’m writing this on Friday afternoon the 3rd with my head and heart still full from our activity this morning. Belinda Jensen came out to Meeker County today and talked about her book series, “Bel the Weather Girl,” and encouraged kids to act on their interest in science.  She will return to our county Monday, August 13, visiting Cosmos and Grove City at 10:00 and 12:30.  I counted about 155 people in our children’s department, and spied Mayor Keith Johnson and Representative Dean Urdahl in the crowd. I really appreciate the support of our elected officials.   The Dassel library reported an even larger crowd.  If you can, drive down to Cosmos or over to Grove City for this marvelous program.

One of the happiest books of this year is “Saving Fiona,” by Thane Maynard, the Director of the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden.  Fiona is a baby hippo born January 24, 2017, two months early.  The story of her first year of life is truly amazing, and the pictures that accompany the story are tremendous.  No one had ever successfully saved a premature hippo, so Fiona was much more than a cute story.  Team Fiona learned many life-saving techniques as they brought this fragile baby to health.

I think one of the most interesting science books of the year is “The Orca Scientists,” by Kim Perez Valice.   Stunning photography and interesting text combine to make an informative book.  I didn’t
know that whale pods in different areas us different whale “dialects,” just one small fact from this great book.

Each time I read a story about dinosaurs in story time, a 4 year old expert is ready to correct me.  “The Dinosaur Expert,” by Margaret McNamara and G. Brian Karas, is a sweet book about a non-interrupting dinosaur expert.  Kimmy, who knows a lot about dinosaurs, shares some of her   She abruptly stops sharing when a boy says flatly that “girls aren’t scientists.”  Her wise teacher shows the class some of the contributions made by women paleontologists and saves the day. 
knowledge about fossils and dinosaurs.

“Stegothesaurus,” by Bridget Heos, is a hilarious dinosaur story about a unique breed of stegosaurus with a boundless vocabulary.  For example, his brother says, “Hot.”  His other brother says, “Hot.”  Stegothesaurus says, “Blazing, blistering, broiling.”  All is well until the stegothesaurus meets an Allothesaurus with an equally large vocabulary and very, very sharp teeth.

Do you know this nursery rhyme? “Jack B. Ninja! Jack, be quick! Jack, jump over the bamboo stick!”  No?  Well, that’s ok.  Jack B Ninja is a funny, funny book by Tim McCanna.  Ninjas beware!

One of my favorite author/illustrators is Chris Raschka.  His newest book, “New Shoes” captures the excitement and delight of going to the shoe store, being measured, and trying on shoes.  We never see the protagonist’s face, but it looks like she is wearing a dress, and her best friend’s name is Emma. 

There is something for everyone at the library!