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Monday, March 23, 2020

Safe at Home

By Jan Pease

So I’m writing this from home.    I’m fine, but I fit in all of the major health conditions that officials are warning us about: diabetes, heart trouble, blood thinners, over 65, and as the French say, “en surpoids.”        It sounds much better in French.  I’m not afraid, but my family insists that I stay home.

The last time I was sequestered was due to measles when I was a child.  I remember staying in the living room with the shades pulled, listening to classical music records my dad brought home from the library.  My favorite was HMS Pinafore.  I wasn’t allowed to read!  It was horrible.   Not the fever, rash , and itching, but the not reading.

I thought about listing some of the resources available to help keep children busy, but there are so many things out there.  Facebook is packed with ideas and videos.  The library has children’s books about Fiona, a hippo born at the Cincinnati Zoo: the zoo posted a video about her which was adorable.  I watched and listened the great Yo-Yo Ma play some of his favorite pieces for cello.  Pinterest has more ideas than I could make in a lifetime. Besides all this, the staff at the high school posted a music video that is hilarious.  Maybe I’ve had a bit too much screen time!

At our last story hour we talked about germs.  We practiced sneezing and washing our hands.  We watched glitter pass from person to person on toys.   The book that day was Do Not Lick this Book, by  Idan Ben Barak and Julian Frost, a great book about microbes.   I think the main thing is to not frighten children during all this craziness.  Mr. Rogers said “Look for the helpers.”  They are already helping. 

One of my dad’s favorite saying was “This too will pass.”   He lived through the Depression and WWII, and said a final goodbye to his parents, brother, grandson, and good friends.   But it’s true,  no matter what our problem is, it will pass.  Most of us aren’t asked to lay our lives on the line like members of the armed forces, health care workers, or first responders.   We are just asked to stay home.  

Please remember that the library is closed through the end of March.  Also, please wait to return items, as they aren’t due until April 8th.  If you need internet access, library wi-fi is available in the parking lot for your phone, tablet, or laptop.

There’s a saying that I hear frequently: “May you live in interesting times.”  Instead of being a statement, it is actually attributed to an old curse.  Well, it certainly is an interesting time!  See you when the library re-opens!