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Friday, August 10, 2012

Gaming Club meeting Monday & Thursday next week

Gaming club schedule for the week of August 13th:

Monday 6PM to 8PM, library meeting room

*BattleTech: At its most basic, the game of BattleTech is played on a map sheet composed of hexagon-shaped terrain tiles. The combat units are 30-foot-tall (9.1 m) humanoid armored combat units called BattleMechs, powered by fusion reactors, armed with lasers, particle projection cannons, autocannons, and both short and long range missiles.

*Magic the Gathering: In a game of Magic, two or more players are engaged in a battle as powerful wizards called "planeswalkers". A player starts the game with twenty "life points" and loses when he or she is reduced to zero or fewer. Players lose life when they are dealt "damage" by being attacked with summoned creatures or when spells or other cards cause them to lose life directly.

Thursday 6PM to 8PM, library large study room

*D&D Campaign: We will be using a different meeting room than normal. Jason would like to run this with everyone who has come previously if possible. If you cannot make it please let Jason know so he can reschedule.

Also, if anyone has a game they would like to host or DM please let Jason or Beth know so we can schedule it.   We will not be meeting on a Saturday in August.