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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What was I thinking?

If you ask my husband why he wanted to marry me 32 years ago, he always answers,  “Because it seemed like a good idea at the time!”  So today I asked myself, “What was I thinking, to schedule so much for the second week of June?”  And the answer is, “It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

Our heads are spinning.  Readers are already bringing in their reading records and receiving their first small prize. It may be a friendship bracelet or soft serve cone, a Dilly Bar or a small toy.  These amazing readers have already clocked four hours of reading this week alone.

The Kick-off for summer reading, Paws to Read, started Monday morning.  As of noon on Friday, 166 young people ages 3-17 had signed up to participate.    Children can join at any time.  They participate at their own pace, and keep track of their reading 15 minutes at a time, counting up to one hour per day.  Yes, I know that super readers read more than that, but we’re just counting one hour per day.  It’s not a race!

Toddler time got off to a great start.  I absolutely love trying to interpret “two-year-old” and I love these small children.  They love books!  They love to sing!  They love the library!  They love everything!

On Thursday Beginner’s Book Club discussed The Trouble with Chickens, by Doreen Cronin.  We all enjoyed the book.  It’s very funny, and children and adults enjoy Doreen Cronin’s dry wit. .  I predict that her books featuring the chicken squad will be in demand this summer. 

Brickheads Junior, a LEGO building club for children ages 4-7, began on Thursday evening;  21 kids and adults came.  The thing I enjoyed most was watching the parents interact with their children.  Brickheads Junior has taken over the display cabinet.  The children very carefully titled their creations with fantastic, creative names and were excited that they will be on display.

At this writing, the Second Saturday Story Hour is still to come.  The plan is that we will featureSpike, the Ugliest Dog in the Universe and do some doggie activities designed by award-winning author and illustrator Debra Frasier. 

On Friday, June 20th, Professor Marvel will come to the library with his show “Amazing Aussie Adventures.”  He is a wonderful magician and always puts on a splendid program.

 This month’s Fun with 4-H is on the 25th.  Darcy Cole will bring interesting and fun activities to the library to help children avoid boredom and summer slump.  It really is a great idea to plan all of these activities.  See you at the library!