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Friday, June 14, 2019

Book and Movie Reviews!

 By Jan Pease

One of the fun things teens can do to win bonus prizes in the teen summer reading program is to attend a play or musical, write a movie review, write a book review or make a book trailer, which qualifies for two bonus points. 

We have received reviews from two teens, and I’m happy to share them with you.

“Dawn and the Impossible Three” is about a girl named Dawn who has to babysit the Baretts.  The Barett kids are too much for any babysitter, but not for Dawn.  Later, the Babysitters Club gets a new member, Mallory.  Mallory doesn’t like the test they made for her to take.  Read the book to see what happens next.  I like every little thing in the book.

“I Walk in Dread” is a heart wrenching tale of Deliverance Trembly, witness to the Salem Witch trials.  At first she believes whole heartedly in witches, but as time goes on and her friend is accused, starts to doubt that witches are real.  This is the perfect story for those who love historical fiction.

“Night at the Museum” is about a guy named Larry who gets a job as a night worker at the museum.  Later it turns to night and every statue in the museum came to life.  His son doesn’t believe that the museum comes to life.  Larry brings his son to the museum close to night time, but when it’s night time nothing happens.  They find the tablet that was going to get stolen and turned a knob on it, and everything in the museum came to life.  Watch the movie to see what happens next.  What I liked about it: I liked everything.  It was funny and sometimes scary.

“The Princess Bride” is a wonderful tale of love and courage for all ages.  When beautiful farm girl Buttercup is selected to be the bride of the prince, she is unsure if she wants to.  When she is kidnapped and then rescued by one of the helpers from her father’s farm, she discovers she is falling in love with him.  With a hilarious cast of characters, this is a perfect family movi

Our reviewers received their choice from a selection of bonus prizes and best of all, are being printed in our prestigious local newspaper!  Thanks to our two young ladies for your book and movie reviews.

We’re excited to look forward to Magic Bob’s show, “It’s Showtime,” on Friday, June 21.  He always has an amazing show that fits exactly with our summer reading theme.  Bob and his wife Lynne will be at the library at 10:00 for this free performance.

Take a peek in the children’s department and look at our wall of stars. 28 teens and 150 young people ages 3 through 12 have signed up to participate in summer reading.  Readers can sign up at any time.  Together we can stop “summer slide” cold. See you at the library!