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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Sun, Sun, Summertime!

  By Jan Pease

What do you like best about summer?  Do you enjoy the community festivals?  Do you go camping or visit state and national parks?  Do you enjoy tossing in a line to catch some supper?  Do you enjoy the lack of snow?

One of the things I enjoy the most is the summer sunlight.  It is warm and golden and sunrises and sunsets glow.  To be truthful, I mostly see the sunsets.  One of the new books added to the Litchfield children’s collection is “You are Light,” by Aaron Becker.  Mr. Becker used die-cut circles with plastic inserts to design an incredible book that shows how light changes throughout the day.  This book, like a sunset, glows. 

“An ABC of Flowers,” by Jutta Hilpuesch is another book that has been designed in an interesting way.  Gorgeous photos of flowers illustrate each letter, from A, Aster, to Z, Zinnia.  Amelie, a tiny girl dwarfed by the flowers, does something interesting on each page.  

Megan Brewis, originally from South Africa, has designed an interesting look at underwater ocean life in the book, “Steve, Terror of the Seas.”  Late in the book, we realize that Steve is a pilot fish and that everyone in the ocean is actually afraid of his large friend, George.  George is a shark.  Enough said.

Our teen book and movie reviewers have been busy.  They have turned in reviews of two books and a
movie.  One of the books, “The Flute Player,” is an older book, written and illustrated by Michael Lapaca, of Apache, Tewa and Hopi descent. Here is the review:

“The Flute Player” is about a boy who lives in a village near the Grand Canyon.  The boy meets a girl. Later the boy plays a flute downstream and the girl puts a leaf in the water to show that she likes his songs.  Read the book to find out more.  I like a lot about this book.  Good drawings and detail.

Another teen reviewer watched the movie, “Frenemies.”

“Frenemies” is about a boy who loves his dog.  Then one day a girl who is very popular wants to be his partner on a school project. The dog knows that the boy is in trouble.  Sometime later the boy doesn’t like the girl.  You should watch the movie to see more.  I like almost everything; it’s funny and sad (sometimes).

Finally, one reviewer read the book, “Lock and Key,” by Sarah Dessen.

A 17-year-old girl named Ruby is abandoned by her mother.  She is sent to live with her older sister, Cora.  She is going to private school and lives in an amazing new house.  Next door there is a cute guy who gives her rides to and from school.  Life with her sister is not easy at first but gets better with the help of friends.

Thanks, reviewers, for sharing your thoughts with us.  

Even though I love summer light, I don’t enjoy summer heat.  Remember, it’s cool and sunny in our library!  See you there!