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Friday, November 29, 2019

Memorable Memories

By Jan Pease

On Saturday, December 14 at 10:00 a.m., please join us at Litchfield Library to welcome our favorite  magician, Magic Bob, as he presents his new show, “The Magic of the Holidays.”  This will be a fun-filled show that everyone will enjoy.  I like Magic Bob because he always has a literature tie in. This year he promises to include “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and “Twas the Night before Christmas,” as well as “Christmas in Camelot,” part of the “Magic Treehouse” series.”

This represents a break from a long-standing tradition at Litchfield Library.  For many, many years the library has sponsored a Christmas open house on a Thursday evening in December.  Staff often provided cookies or bars, and we usually had one of Santa’s helpers on hand to entertain. 

Before I was on the staff here, Elsie Johnson asked me to be “Mrs. Santa.”  Back then, I had to wear a cap with cotton batting to have white hair.  She sent me home with a plate of cookies, which I put on top of the car while loading my guitar.  I drove off, and the cookies went flying.  Unfortunately, the plastic plate was one Elsie wanted back.  I had to return it to her in pieces. 

The craziest evening was one where we made and decorated small gingerbread houses.  So many people came that we divided into two large groups and took turns making houses in the meeting room.  I had to run to a store to get more decorating supplies.

The most high-risk evening was the open house where I served hot chocolate using a new water pot that heated water to boiling very quickly.  Oops!

Another evening that could have turned tragic was having a library board member portray one of Santa’s elves.  We served “decorate your own sugar cookies,” and it was a blast.  But our elf was very allergic to wheat products and risked an allergic reaction from all the cookie dust.

On one memorable evening, Bob Gasch entertained us with his storytelling and his version of a noisy “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” a fun idea that I have borrowed several times.  He was working as a storyteller back then, and could have made people laugh if he’d just read the phone book. 

Our favorite Santa is a gentleman who has worked as a professional Santa in the Twin Cities area, who loves the libraries in Meeker County. As far as I’m concerned, he is the true Santa.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t come this year.  So instead of a cold, dark evening, we’ll have a get together in the bright daylight, depending on the weather.  


After December 14th, we’ll take a break from children’s
programming, and start again in January.  2020 marks the beginning of my 30th year working at Litchfield Public Library.  I wonder what the New Year will bring?